Silver Olive Leaves Long Earrings

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Sterling Silver 925 long olive leaves earrings from Kotinos Collection.The olive tree in Ancient Greece was a symbol of peace and friendship. Legend has it that the city of Athens took its name from Poseidon’s duel with Athena. Where Poseidon, god of the sea, struck his trident on the rock, the rock split in two and unleashed a spring. However, the Athenians noticed that the water was salty, like that of the sea, and would not benefit them in any way. Athena, goddess of wisdom, for her part, donated to the Athenians an olive tree, which would provide them with oil, food and wood. The Athenians were thrilled and the city was renamed Athens, in honor of the goddess.

Weight 3.5 g



length:5cm/2inches, leaf dimension:4cm/1.6inches & max width:0.7cm/0.28inches



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