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Phaistos Disc Collection
The Most Well-Known Minoan Inscription
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Minoan Signet Collection
Inspired By The Minoan Frescoes
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Want something special?

Immerse yourself in the world of Ancient Greek jewelry at Kotinos, where we offer a splendid collection of Gold Signet Rings for women.

Our rings are meticulously crafted, and they feature the timeless Greek Key motif. Each piece is a reflection of your unique style and a connection to the rich heritage of Greece.

Discover the beauty and history of Kotinos jewelry, where the past meets the present in a stunning display of artistry and significance.

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Elevate your wrist appearance with a choice of mix and matched stacks or
striking solo statements. The choice is yours!


Love to layer? Us too! Transition your outfits from day to night in one easy
step with the power of a unique, luxe layered look.

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