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Terms Of Use

Terms of use
Enterprise Identification is an e-shop displaying the goods available on the web. It was founded and operates under Tzelalis Bros which is situated at 7 Karageorgi Servias, Syntagma, Athens, 10563, Greece. It is a legal company with an IRS number 082770863 at the D IRS office in Athens and GEMI 00085139202000, e-mail: [email protected], e-shop telephone number +30 211 013 6605 and will be so forth referred to as THE COMPANY.

THE COMPANY’s first goal is customer satisfaction and better service for those who visit our website by creating a trusting and reliable environment.
It is important that our customers are aware and secure, so we feel obliged to inform visitors/ customers of the e-shop of the following terms.


The following terms and regulations will be applied for the use of the e-shop which can be found at the website Every user [from here on referred to as visitor or user or customer depending on whether he simply visits the e-shop or orders and purchases goods or products] who enters and completes a transaction, states that he is aware of the terms of use, accepts them and THE COMPANY is not responsible for whatever arises from his visit to the site, and agrees to conform to the terms and regulations of the e-shop. All other terms and regulations are strictly excluded. All transactions through fall under Greek and European Laws in accordance with electronic commerce as well as under the Law regarding consumers [N.2251/1994] regarding sales and distances.

General Terms

THE COMPANY has the right to change or revise the terms and prerequisites of use as well as the transactions from the e-shop whenever they see fit according to its needs and commercial ethics. THE COMPANY, however, accepts the responsibility of informing its consumers of whatever change from its e-shop.
If you use the website after the modification announcement of the terms of use, we take it to mean that you agree to the new terms. If certain terms are rendered invalid it does not mean that the others are invalid too. If THE COMPANY does not act upon its rights, it does not mean that it does not have these rights. THE COMPANY accepts no liability to the existing terms in case of extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, floods fires, state of emergencies etc.

Protection of Personal Data

Bearing in mind, quality service we select from our customers the necessary facts for their secure and efficient transactions. THE COMPANY strictly adheres to the terms of protection of personal data as stated in the law N2472/1997 to date. THE COMPANY retains the right to change the terms of the protection of personal data only after notifying its users/visitors to the e-shop and the corresponding web pages.
THE COMPANY holds the above data in a file for the duration that you are members of or for the duration of transactions and are erased as soon as the customer is no longer a member.
The users of have access to their personal data as well as the right to request their personal data to be erased and to object to their data being used.
Under no circumstances does THE COMPANY reveal, sell exchange, rent out or in any other way give to others the information our customers have entrusted to us. The only exception being if we have informed our customer and he has consented to the collection of data, and/or the revelation of personal data for legal reasons and/or for the order to proceed. In each case the customer’s information is kept by THE COMPANY only for as long as the user is registered at
THE COMPANY may outsource the above service to a third party for commercial communication with our customers of the e-shop In the case that we collaborate with a third party THE COMPANY will oblige them to comply with our rules of privacy with regard to our customers/users personal data.
THE COMPANY accepts no liability if the personal data given to us is incorrect or falsified in any way. The user is obliged to inform of any changes

The information we collect and the reasons

While surfing at and access to the specific website you are not obliged to give your personal data. This is only used for the purchase of goods from the e-shop and for your orders [creation of an account, informing the buyer of the status of his order, etc.]
When ordering something, so that you can be connected to the e-shop and receive a username and password we need you to fill out your name, surname, address, e-mail and phone numbers both cell number and landline number.
THE COMPANY collects and uses the specific data:
To complete the transaction that our clients have requested from [e.g. Creation of account, confirmation of order etc.]
For the continuous improvement of our services/products
For commercial communication/ sale promotion [informing you of new products and services provided by THE COMPANY, offers etc.]
To gather statistics that regards our customers and their purchase from
The sharing of data on the internet is never completely safe. It is possible for third parties to gain access or to steal data or personal correspondence without THE COMPANY’s knowledge. The sharing of data is done at your own risk and means that you accept the terms of use. Finally, the safety of your password to your account is your responsibility.

Security- Secret Transactions

The website is aware of the importance of keeping your personal data secure as well as your electronic transactions and has taken all the necessary measures to offer you the best possible security. All the information regarding your personal data and transactions is safe and secure.

Customer Identification

The identification codes for your recognition are two; E-mail or username and password which give you access to your personal data every time they are used. You may change your password whenever you wish to. The only one who has access to your personal data is you through your password and you are responsible for its safe keeping and not to reveal it to a third party. In case of loss we have to be informed immediately otherwise the e-shop at is not liable for the use of your password by a third party. For security reasons we advise you to change your password regularly and to avoid the use of easy codes [Like date of birth for example].

To ensure the secret transmission of your personal data we use the decode system MD5 uses the decode system MD5 hashed for secure online commercial transactions. In this way your personal data is encoded so they can be sent through the internet. The MD5 hashed decode system is used worldwide and is standard for websites their users and encoding of data for web servers.
Secret Transactions are considered the norm and the same rules that apply to traditional transactions apply to e-commerce. All the information provided by the user/member to is confidential and THE COMPANY has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that it is used only to provide good service.
Despite this, the safety of personal data is not completely secure. THE COMPANY is not responsible for the loss of personal data.

Available Information and Products

THE COMPANY is committed towards the validity and quality of the information it provides at the e-shop, as far as the identity of THE COMPANY and its e-shop transactions are concerned including the description of the products it offers. However we are not liable for technical or typing errors which cannot be foreseen or occur unintentionally or due to power outages. THE COMPANY, however, will correct errors as soon as it becomes aware of it.
Restricted Liability
THE COMPANY complies with the law regarding sales and consumer protection N 2251/1994 as they have been modified to date.
THE COMPANY accepts no responsibility or offers compensation for damage for the cancellation of orders, for delays in orders except those underlined in RETURNS AND REPLACEMENT OF PRODUCTS.
Orders will be sent on time except when there are extenuating circumstances
Assurance is given that the customer will be informed of the availability of products as well as possible delays in delivery.
THE COMPANY is not obliged to accept an order or to proceed with the sale of a product if there is a typing error at the e-shop price, whether this is above or below the asking price. In this case the order will proceed with the correctly priced items and is considered incomplete.
The e-shop contains all the information, names, photographs and illustrations of the products and services as such on the website.
THE COMPANY accepts no legal liability for whatever damages are incurred [negative, specific or positive, indicative but not restrictive, separately of accumulatively to the loss of profits or data, to profit gained or monetary gain etc.] to a visitor of the e-shop or to reasons that are connected to/or the operation of the internet website and/or the unavailability of products and/or services and/or information given by him and/or the illegal intrusion of others to products and/or services and/or information given by him.
THE COMPANY does not guarantee safety from viruses or from other malware when using our website.

Legal Property Rights

This website is the official e-shop of Tzelalis Bros. All the contents of the website, including the title, signs, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, model names collections, emblems and so on, are the legal property rights of THE COMPANY and fall under the protection of Greek, European and International laws regarding the legal rights of the website which has a license for use of its exclusive needs and the operation of the e-shop.
Copying, transference or the creation of productive work based on its content or public deception regarding the provider of the e-shop is forbidden. The reproduction, republication, uploading, announcement, dissemination or any other use of the contents in whichever way or means for commercial or other purposes is only allowed after written consent is given by THE COMPANY or any other legal beneficiary of the above legal rights. The names, images, letterhead and distinguishing signs which are referred to and describe THE COMPANY and/or its e-shop at or its products or THE COMPANY’s services to third parties are the property rights of THE COMPANY or the relevant third parties are protected by the relevant laws of commercial trademarks. In every case they appear or are displayed on the website and at THE COMPANY’s e-shop it does not mean that they have been transferred nor has the license or their rights of use.

User Liability

The user/customer agrees and accepts the use of e-shop services information and the data as specified under the law based on the regulations of good faith and transactional ethics. THE COMPANY does not correct or intervene in the data the user conveys, who is obliged to fill in truthfully and accurately the following: name, address message etc., on the online forms of communication.
Based on the above, the user is obliged not to use the e-shop with the trademark
Distribution, publication, e-mail correspondence or transference in other ways of illegal content for whatever reason, cause illegal insult or damage to THE COMPANY or to a third party either by betraying confidentiality or the personal information of whoever.
Distribution, publication, e-mail correspondence or transference in other ways, content which causes insult to user ethics, societal principles or minors etc.
Distribution, publication, e-mail correspondence or transference in other ways, content which user have no right to transfer according to the law or the valid contracts [such as domestic information, property and confidential information which were reveal as part of work relations or which reveal confidential agreements]
Distribution, publication, e-mail correspondence or transference in other ways, content which violates in any way inventions, commercial trademarks, commercial secrets, legal rights or other property rights of third parties.
Distribution, publication. E-mail correspondence or transference in other ways whichever software which contains viruses or other codes files or programs which have been designed to interrupt, cause damage to equipment or the operation of whichever computer software or material.
Intentionally or unintentionally violate existing legislature or regulations.
Harass others in whichever way.
Collection or saving of personal data related to other users.

Buying Products

Our aim is to help you in a simple, fast, safe and pleasant way. Surf at, choose the merchandise you are interested in and wish to purchase. Add them to your shopping cart by clicking on the ‘’add to cart” button, which is the same for any purchase for the duration of your visit to In this way you create your order. You may add or remove product whenever you want before your order is complete. Next follow the steps of check out to complete delivery of your order, after you have filled in the appropriate, necessary information.
After your order has been completed you will receive an e-mail from us confirming the completion of your order.
If you would like to order the goods by telephone please call +30 211 013 6605 [on weekdays from 9am to 5pm excluding weekends and public holidays.]

Purchase of goods is confirmed after the order is complete and payment has been approved by THE COMPANY. You will receive an automated e-mail giving you details of your order. While your order is being processed you will receive a series of e-mails referring to the progress of your order and information of the estimated time of delivery of your order.
If there is a delay in your order you will receive an e-mail with details. Alternately we will call you at the numbers you provided with your order on our website.
Order Tracking: You may check the progress of your order as well as previous orders on our website from the category “My account”.
The website makes every effort to provide high quality service. However we cannot avoid instances of incorrect prices and minor flaws in products as well as the fact that the website may be off line temporarily or human error in the price of a product.

Policy with regard to prices

The stated prices of the products include VAT [value added tax] recommended by are competitive regarding similar products in Greece. reserves the right to change the prices without prior warning. In every instance the customer will pay the amount written at the time of the order. Shipping costs, customs tax or other taxes which may apply are not included in the price of each product. Customers outside the European Union may have extra costs arising from foreign exchange, customs, import tax, restrictions on goods and local laws which THE COMPANY is not liable for.

Delays in orders

Orders may delay due to the following reasons:
The product which you have ordered has been stopped. In this case an employee from the company will contact you immediately and will provide you with alternative solutions.
In cases of extreme weather conditions or strikes it is possible that your order will be delayed.
In the case that communication with you is not possible either by phone or e-mail [if there is a problem with your order, or the product, or payment] because for example your information is incorrect.

Return or replacement of products

You have the right to return the products and request a replacement In all cases that you can prove THE COMPANY is responsible for giving you products other or considerably different than those you ordered [e.g. faulty or poor quality product, products damaged in shipping or in poor packaging] and 2. In all cases that there was a real flaw in the product or has an agreed upon property missing.
All product purchased through can only be replaced by
Products returned will be replaced within ten [10] work days from the date they are received and only after you have requested it through “useful links” which can be found at the bottom at THE COMPANY is obliged to confirm in writing that it has received your request to return the product as soon as it receives it.
Products which will be replaced may be returned in part or complete.
In case of replacement keep in mind the value which is written on the receipt. If the product will be replaced with one of lesser value [you choose another product] THE COMPANY will not reimburse you the difference. The difference is credited to the customer for future purchases.
The product to be replaced/repaired must have the original receipt.
The products to be replaced must be in the same condition they were bought in and the packaging must be the same it arrived in with all the papers included [e.g. invoice, receipt and so on.]
The cost of returning products to THE COMPANY is paid by THE COMPANY for the first time through the courier services we collaborate with. However, if goods are returned or replaced a second or third time the customer is charged. The cost of re-shipment is paid by THE COMPANY. The above apply to Greece and Cyprus. For Europe, the United States of America and for other world-wide deliveries in the case of return or re-shipment of goods the customer pays the courier company of his choice.
In the case that you choose a different courier service to return goods, you accept the charges and we can in no way guarantee the time of arrival of goods you have sent to us. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the safe and secure delivery of products sent by other courier services and we may not accept responsibility for these products.
From the moment that you complete the form Request of Return provided at the link at the bottom of the site, customer service at informs the courier service it works with and organizes to pick up the products that will be returned from the customer’s address so that it can be given to THE COMPANY for quality inspection.
After receiving the returned products and completing the quality inspection, customer service at will, in a reasonable time period, inform the customer of the procedure that follows for replacement of products.
If you need assistance you can contact us through e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at +30 211 013 6605 [daily from 9am to 5pm except weekends and public holidays]

According to the following pre-requisites is the return or replacement of goods possible:

The product has not been used.
The label on the product is undamaged.
All the necessary papers which are proof of purchase [Invoice, receipt etc.] accompany the product.

Cancellation of an order

Cancellation of an order only happens after you have completed your order. During your order you can remove products from your shopping cart by pressing the “remove product” button.
Alternatively, after you have completed your order and before it is sent to you, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or call us at +30 211 013 6605 [weekdays from 9am to 5pm except weekends and public holidays]

Contact us

If you wish to contact customer service of THE COMPANY for whatever query, question or any other matter related to regarding product replacement, comments or complaints with your order pleases send us an e-mail at [email protected] so that we can assist you immediately in the best possible way. Alternatively, you can contact us at the telephone number +30 211 013 6605 [weekdays from 9am to 5pm except weekends and public holidays]


Security & Privacy

All information relating to user’s personal data is protected as confidential by the observance of the applicable laws on the protection of personal data. The security of the E-shop is achieved by the following procedures:

Customer Recognition:

The codes used to identify the user / client are two:
A) the Username and
B) The Secret Password,
Every time the user / customer registers them he / she gains full access to his / her personal information. It is given the ability to change the secret password as often as desired. The only person who has access to his / her data is himself through the above codes and is solely responsible for maintaining his / her secrecy by third parties. If it is lost or leaked, it should notify us otherwise, otherwise we are not responsible for the use of the password by an unauthorized person. Our online store does not in any way disclose or disclose personal information and user / customer information. Personal data is used solely for the proper execution of transactions.

Ensuring the Privacy of Your Personal Data Transmission:

To ensure the confidentiality of data transfer, the SSL-128bit encryption protocol is used.


From the start-up to the end-of-line session with the online store, all user-client information and personal data are encrypted using the 128-bit SSL encryption protocol. Encryption is essentially a way of encoding information until it reaches its recipient, which will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. Each time it connects to the online store, all communication between the user’s computer and our website is encrypted using a 128-bit key.


In order to enter the online store, the user uses two passwords, the Username and the Security Password. The online store allows the user to change the secret password as often as he or she wants.

Privacy Policy:

User information (name, e-mail address, home address, landline, mobile phone, etc.) and transactions of users of the e-shop are treated as confidential. Users, when providing their data in their transactions, agree and accept the forthcoming processing of such personal data for the needs of the smooth and easy exchange between the parties, as well as the transmission of these data to recipients who will are specifically defined and are the employees of the company in the context of the execution of the trained contract. Ensures that only authorized employees have access to transaction information and only when necessary, e.g. to handle orders.
Our Company undertakes not to disclose the details of its customers and transactions unless it has a written authorization from them or it is imposed by a court decision or a decision of another public authority.


We use cookies to make the best possible use of our site, to properly navigate the user, link and move to the pages, and to provide promotional content. Cookies are also used to analyze how visitors use our site, how they are browsing or are experiencing a problem. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous and is used only to improve the structure and content of the site.
Cookies are stored on the user’s computer and can be removed at any time. In each Browser or Settings or Privacy and Security you will find your navigation history and you can delete it if you wish. Cookies do not store email addresses or phone numbers.

The cookies we use are:

A) Absolutely Necessary Cookies
These cookies are necessary for the proper operation of our website and for the user to navigate and use its features such as access to secure areas of the site. Without these cookies, some of the site’s services and features, such as a shopping cart or an electronic payment, can not be provided.
B) Performance Cookies
These cookies collect information about how visitors use the web page, for example which pages they visit more often, and whether they are receiving bugs from webpages. These cookies do not collect information that identifies the visitor. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous. They are only used to improve the way the site works.
C) Function Cookies
These cookies allow the site to remember the choices made by the user and provide more personalized features. These cookies can also be used to remember changes the user has made to the site or to use them to provide services he has requested, such as chatting or using social media.

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By disabling cookies or by withdrawing your consent, web site features will not be available.
Delete personal information
Your personal information, at your request, is permanently deleted and is not shared with anyone

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