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Throughout various cultures, snakes have held symbolic significance, often representing healing, transformation, fertility, regeneration, immortality, or a creative life force. Our primary inspiration stems from the intriguing Minoan Era, a period in which women held a prominent role within the culture. The Great Goddess, a central figure, was often accompanied by snakes, revered as protectors of the profound mysteries of birth and regeneration. Notably, the figurines known as “Snake Goddess” were discovered at Minoan archaeological sites in Crete, where women were depicted holding snakes in each hand. Drawing from the rich tapestry of Ancient Greek history, we have curated a striking collection of snake-themed jewelry.

Our assortment includes an array of snake rings designed for all fingers, available in various sizes, from delicate to impressively bold. Additionally, our collection offers three distinct snake bracelets that can be customized to your wrist size. Each piece of jewelry, including snake rings, snake bracelets, snake pendants, and snake earrings, is meticulously handcrafted in 14k solid gold (585). Should you desire, we can also produce them in 18k solid gold (750) upon request. Every creation is lovingly crafted in our workshop at the heart of Athens, Greece.

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