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Embark on a captivating journey through the symbolism of serpents with our Greek Snake Jewelry collection, where each piece is a testament to the profound meanings attributed to these enigmatic creatures across diverse cultures. Our primary muse is the intriguing Minoan Era, a cultural epoch where women played a central role, and the Great Goddess was often accompanied by snakes, revered as guardians of the profound mysteries of birth and regeneration.

Derived from the rich tapestry of Ancient Greek history, our curated collection pays homage to the iconic “Snake Goddess” figurines discovered at Minoan archaeological sites in Crete. These artifacts depict women holding snakes in each hand, symbolizing the deep connections between femininity, snakes, and the mysteries of life.

Our assortment features an array of snake rings, meticulously designed for all fingers, offering options from delicately subtle to impressively bold. Additionally, our collection boasts three distinct snake bracelets, customizable to your wrist size. Whether in the form of snake rings, bracelets, pendants, or earrings, each piece is lovingly handcrafted in 14k solid gold (585), showcasing our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. For those seeking an elevated touch, we also offer the option to produce these exquisite pieces in 18k solid gold (750) upon request.

Every creation in our Greek Snake Jewelry collection comes to life in our workshop nestled at the heart of Athens, Greece. Immerse yourself in the symbolism and craftsmanship of serpents, as we invite you to explore the allure and mystique of this captivating collection.

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