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Embark on a captivating journey through time with our Greek Phaistos Disc Jewelry Collection. A stunning testament to the enduring allure of ancient Greece. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Phaistos Disk. A remarkable fired clay disc, discovered in 1908 within the Minoan Palace of Phaistos by Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier.

Each piece in our Kotinos Collection is meticulously handcrafted in 14k Gold, capturing the essence of Greek artistry and craftsmanship. The Phaistos Disc, considered the most distinguished Minoan syllabic inscription from the Bronze Age. Dates back to the 17th century BC—500 years before the Trojan War. Recent research, led by Mr. Gareth Owens, unveils the disc’s role as a prayer dedicated to the pregnant goddess and the goddess Aphaia.

Our collection features an array of jewelry, including pendants, rings, and earrings, inspired by the profound symbolism of the Phaistos Disk. Adorn yourself with these timeless pieces that pay homage to the radiant pregnant goddess on one side and the graceful “setting” goddess, likely the Minoan deity Aphaia, on the other.

Embrace the current trend of layered coin necklaces by incorporating our Phaistos Disc pendants into your style. Elevate your look with these chic and symbolic pieces that seamlessly blend the richness of Greek history with contemporary elegance. Immerse yourself in the mystique of ancient Greece with the Kotinos Greek Phaistos Disc Jewelry Collection.

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