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Explore the Kotinos Greek Jewelry Collection, a tribute to the olive tree’s profound symbolism in ancient Greece. This tree symbolized peace and friendship and played a crucial role in the birth of Athens.

According to legend, Athena gifted the Athenians an olive tree, a precious resource for oil, food, and wood. In gratitude, the city was renamed Athens in her honor.

The “kotinos,” or olive wreath, held a special place in the ancient Olympic Games. Crafted from wild olive branches, it was the ultimate prize for victors, symbolizing Heracles’ tribute to Zeus.

This tradition was revived during the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, paying homage to the olive wreath’s historical significance in Olympic tradition.

Discover our Kotinos Greek Jewelry Collection, where each piece embodies the timeless legacy of the olive tree, connecting you to a bygone era of honor and tradition.

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