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Step into the mystique of the Cycladic Idols Collection by Kotinos Greek Jewelry. A homage to the captivating legacy of Cycladic art. Originating from the Aegean’s Cyclades islands in the early Bronze Age, Cycladic idols are iconic representations of an era known for its artistic sophistication.

Crafted predominantly from marble. These ancient artifacts showcase stylized human figures with a striking simplicity. Capturing the essence of the human form in abstract yet evocative ways. Often associated with burial practices and spiritual beliefs, Cycladic idols are a testament to the profound connection the Cycladic people had with art and the divine.

Kotinos Greek Jewelry finds inspiration in the timeless aesthetic of Cycladic idols. Infusing modern designs with echoes of this ancient artistic legacy. Each piece in the collection pays homage to the Cycladic civilization’s mastery of form and celebrates the enduring appeal of these mysterious and elegant figures.

From pendants to delicate necklaces, the Cycladic Idols Collection offers a contemporary interpretation of these ancient artifacts. The jewelry seamlessly combines the minimalist elegance of Cycladic idols with Kotinos’ commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Indulge in a unique blend of history and modern sophistication as you adorn yourself with pieces that transcend time. The Kotinos Greek Jewelry invites you to wear a piece of ancient artistry. Embodying the spirit of the Cycladic civilization in every carefully crafted detail. Revel in the mystique of the past, elegantly reimagined for the present.

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