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4 Amazing Friendship Gift Ideas Inspired by Ancient Greek Designs

It’s the special day for your friend and you want to buy the perfect gift for her. After scouring the Internet for the “best gifts for friends” online for almost a day, you are disappointed to see those common gifts and nothing beautiful and unique to gift that will bring an instant smile to the face of your friend. But we are here to help you get out of this dilemma.

For those who are also on the same quest and looking for something that will mesmerize the heart of their friend right at the first look, we recommend exploring our collection of Ancient Greek Jewelry Our vast range of exclusive Greek jewelry will brim your heart with happiness and excitement.

Here, we are sharing some of the best friendship jewelry ideas inspired by ancient Greek symbols that will help you reflect on the special connection you have with your best friend.

Kotinos Pendants

Handcrafted Kotinos pendants make the ideal friendship gifts. Kotinos wreaths symbolize peace, protection, immortality, and victory. Every meaning relates precisely to the virtues that a person looks for in a meaningful friendship. Besides, their elegance and beauty never cease to win the hearts of people and enhance the charm they impart to the wearer. Apart from Kotinos pendants, you can also buy Kotinos earrings or a Kotinos ring online.

Sunlight Bracelet

If you want simple yet stylish jewelry gift, then a sunlight bracelet would do complete justice to your gift choice. The simplicity and graceful style of sunlight bracelets make them perfect jewelry for every occasion. They can be worn as everyday jewelry or on special days and look amazing regardless of the outfit. What’s more appealing is that your friend can wear them even during formal meetings. Besides, you will also find a sunlight choker necklace extremely appealing because it defines the concept of minimalism the best way. In short, a sunlight themed Greek jewelry is the perfect friendship gift.

Olympic Rings Necklace

One can’t say no to the dazzling Olympics Rings Necklace as its peculiar design signifies the spirit of the Olympics that is all about contributing to building a peaceful and better world. The most important thing about the Olympics is to take part and fight well rather than focusing on losing or winning as good friends do together. Thus, nothing could be better than an Olympic Rings Necklace to celebrate your friendship.

Filigree Earrings

The magnificent intricate work of handcrafted filigree earrings is what makes them a special friendship gift. Filigree is a centuries-old unique art of crafting jewelry that reminds of delicate and intricate designs and typically involves the use of fine metal threads. Although the art dates back hundreds of years, its versatility allows it to blend with contemporary creations.

At Kotinos, you will find even more diverse collections of ancient Greek jewelry based on various themes like Phaistos Disc, Bee-Melissa, Snakes, Dolphins, Alexander the Great, Greek Key, Spiral, and Cycladic idols. Whether it is a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings, whatever you want to buy, we have stunning collections for you and your friends. Shop Ancient Greek Jewelry at Kotinos now to buy friendship jewelry gifts at the best prices!


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