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Let’s Dive Into The World Of Ancient Greek Jewelry!

It’s no rocket science why ancient Greek jewelry is immensely prominent to date! It has its own way of hypnotizing zillions of eyes. Without doing much, it drags us to the time when ornaments and other pieces of jewelry told their stories and ain’t surfaced without any crux. Precisely crafted from luxurious metals and styled and decorated with authentic pearls, these Ancient Greek jewelry has remained as an iconic icon of luxury, taste, and of course, sophistication. Let’s comprehend the vivid themes in Ancient Greek Jewelry.  

The Magnificently Miraculous Themes In Ancient Greek Jewelry

To begin with, from the Bronze to Classical Greek Era to the Hellenistic Period, Greek styled jewelry varied in terms of dominating, different themes that would eventually provide a pinch of magical style.

It can be arduous to give real insights into Ancient Greek Jewelry without going into detail about the three varied ages of Ancient Greece; however, lots of trends lasted hundreds of years and dominated Grecian jewelry patterns.

Underneath mentioned are a couple of themes that remain trending in most eras, when it’s about fashion.

  • God & Goddess: Without any denial, Grecians were theist people. Moreover, their deities are often palpable in Gold! One of the most trending choices is Eros; however, lots of gods and goddesses are represented in surviving works.
  • Animals: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that during the Minoan era, including depictions of varied animals and insects such as lions, snakes, sheep, cows, etc into jewelry was one of the most basic practices. On the off chance, if you like depictions of lions, snakes, and other animals, then there are many Greek Jewelry stores from where you can bag the dazzling pieces of this jewelry.
  • Filigree & Granulation: In the Golden Era aka the Classical Era, detailed works on Greek jewelry, for example, filigree and granule were exceptionally famous. These precious works were displayed in delicate bracelets, typical rosettes, and laurel wreaths. Also, during this Era, gold was widely used metal in making delicate and intricately detailed jewelry for the elites. At Kotinos (Greek Jewelry Store), you can buy filigree and granulation work jewelry.
  • Pearls: When it comes to Greek Mythology, pearls are contemplated as the tears of joy of Aphrodite (The Love Goddess / Goddess of Love) which showcase that pearls are sacred stones to the Ancient natives of Greece. Not only this, pearls were linked with the Goddess of healing, Isis! Additionally, including pearls in jewelry was a way to give tribute to the God of the Sea, Poseidon. Moreover, it was also believed that wearing pearl-infused Greek Jewelry would help them maintain sound health. Lastly, this made pearls an eminent stone, especially when it came to glittering up jewelry with brilliance stones. 

A Wrap up: Altogether, Ancient Greek people didn’t only leave their never-fading impression on the world with innovative technology, which is nonpareil still to this day but also they played a great role in making the fashion world and vanity a better place with their extravagant, heart-throbbing, and intricate creations of Ancient Greek jewelry. 


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