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Amorelle Solitaire Ring

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Experience the epitome of romance with the 14k Gold Amorelle Solitaire Ring, crafted by Kotinos Jewelry. This heart-shaped beauty, adorned with lab-created stones, stands as a testament to Greek artistry and modern elegance.

This exquisite ring is designed to capture the essence of love. Making it an ideal choice for a marriage proposal. The heart-shaped centerpiece, meticulously crafted from 14k gold, symbolizes the depth of emotion and commitment that two hearts share.

The inclusion of lab-created stones adds a touch of ethically sourced glamour, ensuring your love story is not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious. The brilliance of these stones mirrors the radiance of your enduring love, making this ring a timeless representation of your relationship.

Kotinos Jewelry, known for its dedication to quality and craftsmanship, brings you a piece that transcends time. The Greek-inspired design pays homage to ancient traditions, making it a unique and meaningful choice for such a special occasion.

Celebrate your love with the 14k Gold Amorelle Solitaire Ring—a symbol of eternal commitment and the perfect accessory for the beginning of your shared journey. Let the heart-shaped design and lab-created stones speak volumes about your devotion and the promise of a lifetime together. Choose Kotinos Jewelry for a proposal that combines sophistication, sentiment, and the rich cultural heritage of Greece.

Additional information

Weight 2,00 g

Eros, Sunlights


14k Gold (585)


lab created stones


Heart shape: 9mm/0.36inches , Band's width:1.3mm/0.052inches



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