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Double Axe Hercules Pendant #2

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Introducing the Double Axe Hercules Pendant #2, a majestic tribute to the Minoan era,using the granulation technique and meticulously crafted in 14k gold. Inspired by the sacred symbol of the Minoan religion, the double axe holds profound significance in ancient Crete.

In the Minoan civilization, the double axe served as a sacred emblem, with small versions used in religious rituals. Archaeological finds in locations like Arkalochori and Messara attest to its importance.

This Double Axe Hercules Pendant #2,is the second variant among four sizes. Available upon request in both 14k and 18k gold, embodies the timeless beauty of ancient Greece. Handcrafted in our Kotinos workshop in Athens, each piece reflects our commitment to quality.

Named after Hercules, the legendary demigod celebrated for his incredible strength and Twelve Labors, this pendant exudes power. From slaying the Nemean Lion to capturing the Golden Hind of Artemis, Hercules’s feats inspire this remarkable piece.

Elevate your style with the Double Axe Pendant Collection, symbolizing strength and heritage, handcrafted in Athens.


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Length with the link: 4.00cm/1.60inc, Width: 1.90cm/0.76inc


Double Axe


14k Gold (585)


Without stones



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