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Gold Constantinato Byzantine Oval Pendant

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This exquisite 14k gold protective charm is a faithful reproduction of a Byzantine-era coin. The front side bears the sacred initials “IC XC NI KA” (᾽Ιησους Xριστὸς Νικά = Jesus Christ, conquer), which represents a powerful prayer for protection. On the reverse side, a pristine surface awaits personalization, where you can inscribe a name or a significant date. Steeped in tradition, the “Constantinato” serves as a cherished and potent talisman, often bestowed upon newborns by their closest family members, such as grandparents or godparents. It carries with it a deep significance, safeguarding and blessing the newest members of the family with its historical and spiritual resonance.

Additional information

Weight 2,3 g

Only the Oval shape(without the loop):1.70×1.30cm/0.68×0.52inches




14k Gold (585)


Without stones



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