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IliosBlend Ring

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Introducing the resplendent 14k Gold IliosBlend Ring, a masterpiece from the revered Kotinos Jewelry collection. Immerse yourself in the allure of Greek aesthetics with this intricately designed ring that seamlessly combines classical elegance and modern sophistication.

Crafted with precision, the IliosBlend Ring features lab-created stones strategically set to create a captivating blend of colors reminiscent of the Grecian sun. The use of 14k gold enhances the brilliance of the stones, adding a touch of warmth and luxury to this exceptional piece.

This ring boasts a design inspired by ancient Greek motifs, meticulously arranged in four distinct lines that echo the cultural richness of Hellenistic art. Each line tells a story, connecting the wearer with the mythical past while embracing contemporary design principles.

Kotinos Jewelry’s commitment to artistry and quality is evident in every facet of the IliosBlend Ring. The brand takes pride in creating pieces that transcend mere accessories, serving as expressions of individuality and refined taste.

Whether you are a collector of Greek jewelry or someone seeking a distinctive and meaningful piece. The IliosBlend Ring is a perfect choice. Its timeless design, combined with the innovative use of lab-created stones. Reflects the brand’s dedication to providing exceptional jewelry that resonates with lovers of both classical and contemporary styles.

Elevate your style with the IliosBlend Ring. A symbol of sophistication that seamlessly marries classical Greek inspiration with modern allure. Indulge in the timeless beauty of this radiant piece. And let it become a cherished addition to your jewelry collection.

Additional information

Weight 3,0 g



14k Gold (585)


lab created stones





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