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Kardies Chain bracelet

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Introducing the Kardies Chain Bracelet – a radiant expression of love inspired by the timeless symbol of hearts. Crafted with precision and passion, Kotinos Jewelry brings you this bracelet as part of the Eros Collection, celebrating the tender moments shared between lovers.

The Kardies Chain Bracelet boasts a captivating 14k yellow gold chain adorned with delicate white gold hearts, each one gracefully dangling. Drawing inspiration from the shape of hearts, this design creates a mesmerizing piece that beautifully reflects the essence of love and connection.

The name “Kardies,” meaning hearts in Greek, adds a touch of cultural elegance to this exquisite bracelet. More than just jewelry, it is a symbol of the deep bond between two souls.

This bracelet is thoughtfully designed for Valentine’s Day, offering a unique and heartfelt gift. The dangling hearts evoke a sense of movement, mirroring the dance of love, while the 14k gold chain symbolizes the enduring strength of that connection.

Elevate your expression of love with the Kardies Chain Bracelet – an embodiment of romance and passion. Kotinos Jewelry invites you to make this Valentine’s Day truly special with a gift that captures the beauty of love in its purest form.

Additional information

Weight 2,00 g



14k Gold (585)


Without stones


heart's size:0.55×0.65cm/0.22×0.26inches



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