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Ouroboros Snake Ring

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Presenting our exquisite Ouroboros Snake Ring, a masterpiece crafted in 14k Gold. Featuring two mesmerizing natural yellow sapphire stones adorning the eyes of the serpent (0.03ct each).

The band of this captivating ring is intricately designed with a twisted wire, wrapping around the entire circumference. While the inside boasts a flat and polished finish for comfortable wear.

Crafted with precision in our Kotinos Workshop, nestled in the heart of Athens, each piece in our snake collection draws inspiration from the iconic Minoan Evans ‘Snake Goddess’ Figurines, infusing timeless allure and mythical charm.

Embrace the symbolism of eternity and cyclicality embodied by the Ouroboros, symbolizing the infinite cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This stunning ring captures the essence of ancient mythology and modern sophistication, making it a statement piece for any occasion.

As with all our creations, customization is available upon request, ensuring your Ouroboros Snake Ring reflects your style and preferences. Elevate your ensemble with this enchanting piece, a testament to timeless elegance and mythical allure.

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Width of the band 0.25cm/0.1inches, Width of the head 0.43cm/0.17inches




14k Gold (585)


Precious Stones



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