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Papyrus Bead Pendant #2

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Introducing the exquisite Papyrus Bead Pendant #2, crafted in 14k gold and adorned with a small natural diamond (0.010ct/VS,G). This pendant offers a delicate and understated elegance as the smaller size option of two dimensions available. It draws inspiration from the iconic Minoan papyrus bead necklace showcased at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Paying homage to Ancient Greece’s rich cultural heritage.

We handcraft this pendant upon request, designing it to be unisex for versatile wear. Making it an ideal choice for those seeking a timeless accessory with historical significance. Each pendant undergoes meticulous production to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail.

As part of the Kotinos jewelry collection, this pendant exemplifies our dedication to craftsmanship and authenticity. We tailor every piece to order, allowing customers to personalize their jewelry to match their individual preferences.

In addition to 14k gold, we can craft this pendant upon request in 18k gold or other colors, offering further customization options to suit different tastes and styles. Whether worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other jewelry, the Papyrus Bead Pendant #2 adds sophistication and refinement to any ensemble.

Elevate your look with the timeless beauty of the Papyrus Bead Pendant #2, a symbol of elegance inspired by the enduring legacy of Ancient Greek history..

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Weight 1,50 g



14k Gold (585)




Precious Stones



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