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Should I Wear Greek Key Jewelry? What Does It Represent?

If you are sensitive to what you should wear and what you shouldn’t, then the Greek Key symbol might be something that brings the question to your mind – “Is it okay to wear Greek Key Jewelry?” In general, the suitability and impact of jewelry are recommended to be taken into consideration when you are thinking about wearing a jewelry piece studded with precious or semi-precious stones, such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc.

They are said to have physical and mental health effects and bring the fortune that might be bad or good depending on the wearer. Fortunately, you don’t have to think so much when you find a stunning piece of Greek key jewelry.

We know it is not enough to be convinced whether or not you should be wearing Greek Key jewelry. So, to help you understand things better, let’s first discuss – What is the Greek Key? What does the Greek Key represent? Knowing what this unique and intriguing pattern means will help you feel at ease when purchasing and wearing it.

What is the Greek Key?

A Greek Key is a repetitive decorative pattern with ancient roots. While it has been used for ages and centuries in different ways like wall decoration, pottery, artistic and architectural pieces, the Greek Key has a very interesting story behind it.

The Divine Story Behind the Greek Key

The lore of Greek Key is rooted in the prophecy of Prometheus for Zeus which revealed that the powerful Zeus will be deposed by his offspring who will one day be a better fighter and have recourse for greater weapons. Afraid of his downfall, Zeus forced Thetis – the lovely sea goddess – to marry a mortal – the King Peleus – even though Zeus himself loved the goddess. He feared the prophecy that a son born from a marriage to Thetis would be more powerful than he is. So, he was assured that the marriage of Thetis to a mortal, King Peleus, would be no threat to Zeus’s sovereignty.

Some say that King Peleus loved the goddess Thetis. When he once saw her asleep in a sea cave, he held her fast due to his immense love and passion. Being a goddess of sea waves, Thetis was a shape-shifter; so, she changed into a hundred different transformations. However, King Peleus overcame and defeated all her transformations by holding her in a tight grip. It is said that King Peleus used the sacred “Cheironio grip”, also called “Meander”.

This grip symbol later became the famous Greek symbol for defeating the gods. When the pattern is drawn, the motif is referred to as the Greek Key.

So, what does Greek Key represent?

The Greek Key is now considered the most important and ancient symbol in Greece, which symbolizes victory and unity. Since the pattern keeps going and doesn’t have an end, it also represents infinity and eternal life.

That’s what makes it really amazing to wear a jewelry piece that has so much rich and interesting history behind it and has a beautiful representation.

This is the reason why Greek Key Jewelry is getting so popular among Greek jewelers and fashion lovers. Not only does it add charm to the personality but it also makes the wearer feel good about having something so meaningful and full of positivity.


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