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Why Should You Invest in Minoan Honey Bee Jewelry?

Most of us like to wear beautiful pieces of jewelry. It has been a part of human lives since we first started living on this planet. Initially, humans adorned themselves with feathers, stones, shells, and bones. One of the earliest pieces of jewelry found is a necklace made of fishbones. It is found in a cave in Monaco and is thought to have been made about 25,000 years back.

Bees have held a significant part in human life for ages that’s why it has made their way into jewelry as well.

Minoan honey bee jewelry-history

The bees pendant is one of the most famous exhibits in the Herakleion Museum located on the island of Crete in Greece. It has been found in the old cemetery at Chrysolakkos, which is outside the palace of Malia, the third-largest Minoan palace. The pendant dates back to the Bronze Age i.e. 1800-1700 BC. It shows a very detailed representation of two bees carrying a drop of honey to their honeycomb.

It is evidence of the artist’s mastery in the process of faience or granulation. Faience or granulation is the technique of soldering tiny pieces of metal on the surface of the jewel.

Bees hold a symbolic and crucial connotation in several cultures worldwide. It is believed that the great mother of the mother goddess was related to bees and honey is also used in rituals. Bees are the symbol of mutual support and fertility.

Are you planning to buy a piece of ancient jewelry such as Minoan honey bee jewelry? Here is the top reason why you should do so:

Outstanding value

These pieces of jewelry are often less expensive than brand-new jewelry. The reason behind low cost is that there is no manufacturing cost involved. Ancient jewelry offers better value than brand new jewelry so by choosing a piece from the past such as Minoan honey bee jewelry, you’ll get the best value for your money.

Better quality

While most modern jewelry is cast, ancient and antique jewelry is always hand crafted or hand-finished. Even in high-end bespoke jewelry, it is close to impossible to find the same level of quality and workmanship as we see in ancient jewelry.

It is an investment

Have you ever tried to sell a piece of second-hand jewelry? If yes then you would know how little you can get from it. That is because modern jewelry is valued based on how much the metal and gemstone are worth individually in the market.

On the other hand, ancient jewelry is worth more than the sum of its parts because each piece is unique and cannot be copied using modern techniques.

It is unique

When you invest in an ancient piece of jewelry, it is unlikely that you’ll ever come across a piece exactly like it. The ancient pieces are created with great craftsmanship and emphasis on design.

Bottom line

Jewelry makes a very personal statement about the wearer. So whatever your style is, buy Minoan honey bee jewelry from the best online store at an affordable price.


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