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A Guide to Phaistos Disc

People who love unique and antic ornaments for them often get inclined to Phaistos disc jewelry. Whether they are looking for a ring, necklace, earrings, or just a pendant, they wish to have a Phaistos disc in it. The Phaistos disc jewelry is something that makes people stand out from the crowd.

But, some people don’t feel the same. It’s because they are not aware of the Phaistos disc and its significance. Also, they don’t know how old the sculpture is and the details engraved on it.

In this post, we will discuss a few important things about Phaistos disc so that next time you choose Phaistos disc jewelry without hesitation.

Phaistos Disc- A Disc of Fired Clay

Phaistos disc is the most mysterious object of the ancient Mediterranean. It says a lot about the past but most things are still a mystery. An archaeologist on the Greek Island of Crete made this fascinating discovery in the year 1908. At the time of discovery, a clay disc of roughly 16 cm in diameter and 2cm thick was found. The most unique thing on the Phaistos Disc is the 242 symbols in a spiral pattern. The artifact got its name after the city where it was discovered. Phaistos is the name of the city, which is also the home of a Bronze Civilization called the Minoans.

What archeologists and scholars have to say about the symbols on the disc?

The experts have recognized the symbols as human figures, plants, animals, and various tools like arrows, axes, weapons, shields, and vases. Some say that symbols are the letters of alphabets. You will also find scholars interpreting the text as a song, poem, or even a religious chant or rhyme. There are many interpretations done by scholars and all are completely different.

 Conceptual Meanings associated with Phaistos disc

The image of the Phaistos disc evokes an association with enigmas and mysteries. Other than this, the artifact reminds of Greece’s rich history and a representation of Greek identity.

Other interpretations are done by scholars

A Phaistos disc is a prayer to a Minion Goddess of fertility, Aphaia, and Diktynna. The prayer is Minoan Lyric Hymn with a poignant message from the Bronze Age. The hymn consists of eighteen verses about the goddess.

The disc is a Cretan artifact carrying a story that originated in Kharsag, which reveals the connection between Cretan and Sumerian civilizations. Also, the message is compared to the old English nursery rhyme “Little Boy Blue, which is all about the everyday story of country folk.

Phaistos Disc Jewelry- A Modern Trend 

Though the story and interpretation of the Phasiotas Disc are mysterious, it has inspired Greek Jewelry and has become a trend. The disc adds a touch of culture and history to one’s look. The Phaistos jewelry ranges from antiqued look to minimalist, modern designs. Many people wear this as a good luck charm.

The Phaistos disc jewelry looks beautiful so you shouldn’t get mysterious and buy one for yourself now.


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