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What are Signet Rings and What Makes them so Expensive?

Have you ever noticed that some men wear engraved rings on their pinkie fingers? It is usually a signet ring that is a significant part of men’s fashion. It is not something new or the latest trend; men of influence have been donning signet rings for thousands of years. It has now become a symbol of wealth and importance, and many men proudly wear it for a powerful impression.

What are signet rings?

Signet rings are different from other rings that we usually wear. The engraved arts and raised symbols on the top set them apart from regular rings. A signet ring can also be engraved with a series of words such as name, title, initials, rank, or family crest for identification and communication. In the past, these rings were used to seal correspondence, but now they are just an attractive piece of fashion accessory, especially for men.

Traditionally, a signet ring is worn on the ring or pinkie finger by men of the non-dominant hand. For example, a right-handed man would wear the signet ring on the pinkie finger of his left hand.

Usually, signet rings are custom-made, and the price of each signet ring is determined by many factors. As signet rings are here for thousands of years to represent power and influence a man, they are still one powerful fashion accessory and can be expensive than any regular ring with similar weight and measurements. So, why are signet rings so expensive?

What makes a signet ring so expensive?

A Signet ring showcases a personalized work of art in many ways. It is completely handmade and requires a high set of skills and craftsmanship to engrave custom artworks, symbols, words, and images with precision. It could take a lot of time and labor work to finish a signet ring to meet a personal demand. It is made of precious metals and rare gems to make engraved art and symbols. Also, they are unique and special because of their personal attachment and emotional value to connect one individual’s identification with them. To sum up the things, here are the key factors that make a signet ring so expensive:

  • The cost of a traditionally handcrafted signet ring includes the labor cost of an expert goldsmith.
  • The cost of a signet ring also includes the labour cost of a heraldic engraver.
  • Precious metals like gold and platinum used to manufacture signet rings are very expensive.
  • Gems used for making engraved art at the top are rare gems.

If you want to purchase a signet ring for your personality, check for the online stores that sell custom-made signet rings in your region. You can easily find signet rings for sale that are inspired by many historical and cultural values. You can select from a collection of premade signet rings in different themes and styles to find a ring that suits your personality.


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