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Athenian Tetradrachm Coin Earrings 1

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14k Gold earrings with small gold rodakas-flower details and ancient silver 925 oxidized coins.Each coin is a replica coin of an original Athenian Owl Tetradrachm in front appears the head of Athena, wearing earring, necklace, and crested Attic helmet decorated with three olive leaves over visor and a spiral palmette on the bowl.At the back of the coin appears the Owl , head facing and an olive sprig and berry in upper left field.This collection of Athenian Owl Tetradrachm has three different sizes of coin earrings , the pair here is the smallest size.(Weight of 14k gold eariings is 4.00gr and the weight of Silver 925 coin is 1.80gr)

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Diameter:1.09cm/0.44inches, lenght:3.40cm/1.36inches




14k Gold (585), Silver 925


Without stones




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