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Greek key Dangle Curve Earrings

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14k solid gold Greek key/meander earrings. These dangle curve Greek key earrings are produced with pin and butterfly lock (push back). They can also be provided, upon request, in 14k or 18k gold, as well as in white gold or pink gold. The earrings have polished finishing in 14k yellow gold. What is interesting about this design is that the pair has the opposite design for each ear. Meander was the most important symbol in Ancient Greece, symbolizing infinity or the eternal flow of things. It is considered that there is a connection with the Cretan labyrinth – the meander is the figure of a labyrinth in linear form. The twisting pattern symbolizes as well the bonds of friendship, of love and has also been thought to mimic the serpent, symbol of guardianship and healing. All of our jewelry pieces are handcrafted in our workshop in the center of Athens and are inspired by the Ancient Greek history.

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Without stones




Length: 3.50cm/1.40inches, Width: 0.58<0.8cm/0.23<0.32inches


14k Gold (585)




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