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Harmonia Greek Key Earrings

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Indulge in the exquisite allure of our Harmonia Greek Key Earrings, a divine pair crafted with precision and elegance. Made from 14k gold, these earrings are not just accessories but expressions of timeless beauty and mythological significance.

Harmonia, the namesake of these enchanting earrings, was the goddess of harmony and concord in Greek mythology. As the daughter of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Ares, the god of war, Harmonia embodies the delicate balance between love and conflict. The design of these earrings draws inspiration from the meandros, also known as the Greek key pattern, a symbol of eternity and continuity.

The meandros pattern, with its interlocking lines and geometric precision, has been a prominent motif in Greek art and architecture for centuries. In these earrings, it symbolizes the harmonious blend of different elements, capturing the essence of the goddess Harmonia herself.

Every pair of Harmonia Greek Key Earrings is meticulously handcrafted in our own Kotinos Jewelry Workshop, situated in the heart of Athens. Our skilled artisans pour their expertise into creating each piece, ensuring that it not only meets the highest standards of craftsmanship but also carries the spirit of Greek mythology and artistry.

These earrings are more than just adornments; they are a connection to the rich tapestry of Greek culture and a celebration of timeless stories. Elevate your style with the elegance and symbolism of the Harmonia Greek Key Earrings, a testament to the enduring beauty of Greek-inspired jewelry.

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Length: 1.60cm/0.64inches, Width: 1.20>0.65cm/0.48>0.26inches




14k Gold (585)


Without stones




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