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Ilione Greek Key Ring

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Introducing our 14k solid gold Ilione Greek Key (Meander) Ring, inspired by Greek mythology and ancient symbolism. In Greek mythology, Ilione (Ancient Greek: Ἰλιόνη, romanized: Ilióne) was a Trojan princess who later became queen of Thrace.

Crafted entirely from solid gold, this ring boasts a timeless design that fits perfectly as a band. The meander motif, also known as the Greek key or Greek fret, takes its name from the convoluted path of the river Meander, mentioned by Homer in the Iliad.

The meander symbolizes infinity and the eternal flow of things, with a connection to the Cretan labyrinth, representing a linear form of the maze. It also embodies the bonds of friendship and love, often associated with the serpent, symbolizing guardianship and healing. Notably, it adorned the shield of Philip II of Macedon.

Our Ilione Greek Key Ring is customizable to any size, carat, or color of gold, ensuring a personalized touch. Handcrafted in our Athens workshop, each piece reflects our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

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