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Kardia Greek Huggie Earrings

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Experience timeless elegance with our Kardia Greek Huggie Earrings. Crafted from 14k solid gold, with secure, hinged closures. These hoop earrings feature the iconic Greek key/meander design. The word “Kardia” translates to “heart” in Greek. Reflecting the shape of the human heart. Evoking sentiments of love, unity, and eternal connections.

Customization options are available, including 18k gold or other gold colors to suit your preference. In Ancient Greece, the Greek key/meander pattern held significant symbolism, representing infinity, unity, and the eternal flow of life. The continuous line of the meander symbolizes the eternal journey of life.

As a symbol of continuity, the meander embodies enduring qualities such as friendship, love, and devotion. Historically, the meander has been associated with the labyrinth, representing the human journey from sin to redemption. This profound symbolism adds depth to the elegance of these earrings, making them a meaningful addition to any jewelry collection.

With our 14k Gold Kardia Greek Huggie Earrings, embrace the rich heritage and timeless beauty of Ancient Greece. Each pair is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Greek culture and symbolism. Elevate your style with these stunning earrings that carry a profound message of eternal love and unity.

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External Diameter: 1.50cm/0.60inches, Width: 0.30cm/0.12inches




14k Gold (585)


Without stones




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