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Serpent Double Spiral Ring

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Introducing our captivating Serpent Double Spiral Ring, a masterpiece crafted from solid 14k gold. This exquisite ring features a unique design with a double twist, elegantly wrapping around the finger like a graceful serpent.

Meticulously handcrafted in our workshop at the heart of Athens, each ring is infused with the skillful artistry and rich heritage of Greek craftsmanship. Our attention to detail ensures that every piece is crafted to perfection, promising a superior quality that shines through.

Available in a range of sizes, we cater to every individual’s needs, ensuring a comfortable and perfect fit for all. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of 14k gold or the luxurious allure of 18k gold, we offer options to suit your style and preference. Additionally, upon request, we provide other colors of gold, allowing you to customize your ring to your unique taste.

In Ancient Crete, Arthur Evans discovered the Minoan Snake Goddess figurine. People worshipped snakes for their connection to the mysteries of birth and regeneration.

Embrace the timeless beauty and symbolism of the serpent with our Serpent Double Spiral Ring. Elevate your look with this stunning Greek Jewelry piece that perfectly captures the beauty and style of ancient Greece.

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Without stones




Width of the pattern on uppers:2.10cm/0.83inches


14k Gold (585)




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