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The Greek Jewelry Essentials to Get from Ancient Greek Jewelry Stores

The Greeks of the bronze age were highly influenced by other cultures of the Mediterranean through trade, travel, and conquest. This was significantly reflected through various sources, including the Greek alphabet Mythos, their knowledge of science and medicine, cultural practices, and even the clothes and jewelry that people wore.

Greek jewelry styles are the amalgamation of Mediterranean influences, especially the art of jewelry making inspired by Egypt and Syria, and the elegant, intricate designs invented by the Phoenicians, which were later made popular by Etruscans. Gemstones used in the jewelry were imported from the middle east, North Africa, and Asia minor. The other cultures when came in contact with each other swapped popular motifs and symbols, the influence of this cultural interaction can be seen in the motifs and symbols used in ancient Greek jewelry.

Not all motifs used in Greek jewelry contain mythical significance. Flora fauna, humans and gods, mystical symbols, and intricate and geometric designs are some of the motifs you can expect to find in ancient Greek jewelry.

Significance of jewelry in ancient Greece

Greek culture has the richest history of jewelry making, tracing back to prehistoric times. The Greek jewelry pieces you can buy today from ancient Greek jewelry stores are nothing but replicas of the Greek jewelry available for exhibition in museums. Traces of this exceptional artistry have been discovered in Crete, where the Minoan civilization flourished.

The discoveries made by historians suggest that jewelry in ancient Greece was not just mere pieces of jewelry but was also considered a symbol of class, power, and status. They were worn by people for protection from negative energies. Many of them were heritage pieces with a lasting and cross-cultural tradition associated with them. The coin motif, for instance, was a primary signifier of a clan or their status and was used to sign deals and deeds for a family. These jewelry pieces are further passed on to later generations as family heirlooms.

Types of jewelry pieces you should buy at ancient Greek jewelry stores

The history, symbolism, and culture associated with ancient Greek jewelry are significant reasons for its popularity today. The elegant designs and meaningful motifs used in these jewelry pieces make them more valuable and adorable. There are a few essentials that you should get from reputed ancient Greek jewelry stores, including key motif earrings or pendants, coin rings or earrings, Alexander the great pendant, snake jewelry, and other jewelry pieces with motifs inspired by natural elements and Greek mythology.

Greek jewelry is a mark of an artistic tradition that is sustainable, meaningful, and holds a special place in the life of many, especially those who own family heirlooms passed on from their ancestors. If you have a taste for elegant and minimalistic jewelry, you will find some gorgeous jewelry pieces at ancient Greek jewelry stores. These will go perfectly with most of your outfits and are suitable for regular wear. Check the website now to add some unique and beautiful Greek jewelry to your collection.


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