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The Mystery of the Phaistos Disk that Makes Ancient Greek Coin Jewelry Popular

Looking for jewelry that stands you out in the crowd? If yes, add ancient Greek coin jewelry to your collection. Coin necklaces have been famous throughout history to bring good fortune. At present, their popularity is increasing more among celebrities, influencers, and bloggers alike. Their unique design and luxury appearance make them perfect to be worn on special occasions, while their simplicity makes them a great option for everyday wear jewelry.

When it comes to wearing ancient Greek coin jewelry, you should certainly look for the layered necklaces based on the theme design of the Phaistos disk – the most intriguing and timeless object with a long Minoan history. They look modish and classic at the same time and have been surrounded by mysteries for so many centuries. Interested in learning about Phaistos disk? If yes, keep reading.

What is the Phaistos Disk?

The Phaistos Disk is a disk made of fired clay with a huge significance in ancient Greek culture. Its inscription includes 61 words on the two sides and 18 lines in a rhyming sonnet form.

What is the origin of the Phaistos Disk?

The Phaistos Disk was first discovered in 1908 by the Italian archaeologist named Luigi Pernier in the Minoan palace in Phaistos – a city located on the south coast of the largest Greek island, Crete. Its history possibly dates back to the middle or late Minoan Bronze Age. According to the basis of contextual evidence, the Phaistos Disk was made during 1700 BCE, about 500 years before the Trojan War. At that time, Crete Island was the home of Minoans, one of the earliest ancient societies in Greece.

What does the Phaistos Disk represent? What makes the Phaistos Disk so intriguing?

The Phaistos Disk has the most renowned and hallowed Minoan syllabic inscription, where one side speaks of the pregnant goddess who glows (or shines) and another side speaks of the goddess who grows dim (or sets), possibly the Minoan goddess Aphaia. For centuries, the symbols on the disk remained a huge mystery for most archaeologists and scholars. However, now, linguists and archaeologists have been able to interpret more than half the words on the Disk with continuous efforts and years of scientific research. As of now, linguists can now read the majority of the inscription on the disk with phonetic values of the Mycenaean Linear B script.

It is said that words and a whole sentence from the Phaistos Disk were also discovered in various other Minoan religious syllabic inscriptions found in the cave of Arkalochori and on the Yuchtas Mountain that lies next to the Archanes and Knossos. These inscriptions were found to be linked with votive offerings. Experts believe that the Minoan words along with the votive offerings are associated with both religion and health.

Even though the Phaistos Disk is linked with Greek Minoan religion and its offerings, it has inspired creative jewelry designers for a long time and now it has become the trend. Whenever you wear ancient Greek coin jewelry, particularly a layered Phaistos Disk necklace, it adds a touch of peculiar mystery, ancient culture, and glamour to your attire. So, whenever you spot the Phaistos disk jewelry, don’t hold back. Buy it instantly.


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