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What Makes Meandros Greek Jewelry So Intriguing and Fascinating?

The Meander Symbol is an ancient Greek pattern associated with sacred connection and high reverence. This pattern keeps popping up time and time again, and it is even older than it sounds. The symbol goes by various names, such as Meandros, Greek Key, and Greek fret. It is one of the most common elements used in Greek, as well as Roman art. While variations of this symbol can be seen on many Egyptian tombs, ancient Chinese buildings, temples, and floors, and Mayan cravings, the Meander symbol is more closely related to the Greeks.

What is the Meander Symbol?

In architecture and archaeology, a meander is a linear geometric pattern made up of a long, continuous line that joined together at the right angle, or say repetitively folds back to itself, which resembles the twists and turns of the ancient Meander River of Asia Minor which now flows through southwestern Turkey. For centuries, the symbol is widely used as a decorative band on pottery, mosaic floors, sculptures, apparel, and jewelry.

An Interesting Anecdote about Meandros Symbol

An intriguing story behind the Greek Key makes the symbol even more pious and important in Greek culture. The story explains how king Peleus developed passion for the goddess Thetis who was forced to marry a mortal so that the one who could bring down the powerful Zeus would never be born. Peleus, due to his ardor for the goddess, conquered all the angry transformations of the beautiful goddess by holding her in his arms with a tight grip. This grip later was called the sacred ‘Cheironio Grip’.

After that, the symbol was given many names as mentioned above. Another fascinating thing about the meander symbol is that it is found across the architecture of many early civilizations that could not possibly have interacted with each other in any way. It looks like all of them were independent of one another and came up with their own versions of meander motifs.

What makes Meandros Greek Jewelry popular?

The Greek Key or Meander Symbol represents the right balance of creativity, simplicity, antiquity, modernity, masculine, and feminine elements at the same time. For this very reason, Meandros Greek Jewelry is very popular among people of all classes and ethnicity. Besides, several other reasons add pizzazz and character to the Meander Greek Jewelry. Here are many other interpretations that have been revealed till now:

Eternal flow

As mentioned, the meander symbol is named after the 250-long Meander River. Its continuous guilloche pattern represents it as a symbol of eternal flow or, in other words, infinity. For the people of Ancient Greek, Meandros was considered to symbolize the undulating flow of human life through reproduction.

Victory and Unity

The unbroken interlocking pattern and its association with the story of King Peleus and the goddess Thetis imply that meander is a symbol of victory and unity.

The Key for the Labyrinth

Another astonishing thing about the Meander symbol is its strong connection with the Cretan Labyrinth. Many historians believe that the labyrinth can be drawn using the Greek Key pattern. It is said that the symbol gives a way to the eternal return.

The Greek Mythology states that a Greek hero named Theseus fought Minotaur who was a half man and half bull creature in a labyrinth. According to the myth, King Minos of Crete confined his enemies in the labyrinth so that Minotaur could kill them. But, later, he decided to end the human sacrifices made to the monster with the help of Theseus.

Since Meandros Greek jewelry is linked with so many intriguing associations, it is natural for anyone to feel captivated by its design. If you do too, check out our exclusive collection of Meandros inspired Greek jewelry and get some for yourself or your loved ones, or both.


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