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What Do Snakes in Greek Jewelry Symbolize?

There are several ancient cultures and civilizations where you can see wide use of snake symbolism in their architecture or jewelry. The same influence is visible in Ancient Greek jewelry. While the use of animal motifs is conspicuous in Greek jewelry, the snake motif attracts curiosity from most buyers. But why is that? Is the snake motif really have some mysterious connotation associated with it? We will be revealing the mystery or symbolism behind the snake motif. So that the next time you buy snake motif jewelry from your favorite Greek Pendant jewelry store you will know its significance.

The rich history of the use of snake symbolism in ancient cultures

Snakes have always been the most curious and the most used symbol in Ancient jewelry. One reason that historians find for their wide use in jewelry is that their long malleable curves serve as the perfect and most elegant animal motif for jewelry designs. You can get rings, bracelets and even pendants inspired by the snake motif.

The people of ancient Greece saw the ability of the snake to shed its skin as a symbol of regenerative power. It was therefore associated with Aesculapius, the Greek God of Medicine. It was used as a symbol of healing and, therefore, could be found on bracelets or amulets.

In Ancient Egypt culture, the Nile Cobra once acted as a symbol of nobility and royalty. It was used in expensive jewelry to express the wearer’s status symbol. Snakes were often designed into winding, layered shapes in various ancient cultures, but the ouroboros remained the most cherished among the serpentine jewelry.

The present-day Greek jewelry you can buy from Greek pendant jewelry stores is nothing but the replicas and reformations of the jewelry worn by Ancient Greeks many years ago. The symbolism and significance that ancient Greek jewelry holds are what make it more valuable and meaningful among consumers.

Why should you buy a snake pendant from a Greek pendant jewelry store?

Have you heard the story of gorgon medusa? It is one of the most popular Greek myths featuring snakes. It emphasizes the importance of snake symbolism among the ancient Greeks. In early Greek mythology, snakes were also represented as guardians of the underworld and symbolized piousness and evil. Later, the snake symbol was seen as protective, healing, renewal, growth, and fertility.

While these are just mythologies of ancient Greece, many people buy Greek jewelry because of their symbolism. People of ancient Greece believed that wearing snake motif jewelry could cure them of any sickness. The Ancient Greek jewelry you buy today might not heal you from sickness, but wearing the snake symbol does give an edge to your overall appearance. It certainly gives you confidence when you slay in a bold snake jewelry piece over any outfit. You can wear a snake symbol pendant to add a mystery to your personality.

There are many designs inspired by snake motifs that you can find in the Greek pendant jewelry store. Check out their collection now.


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