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Hercules Knot Earrings

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Elevate your style with our 18k Gold Hercules Knot Earrings, featuring convenient clips and pins for added security. The Hercules Knot, a symbol frequently found in ancient Greek jewelry, signifies the intricate interweaving of life and death. It embodies the connection Heracles forged between two worlds, embodying his dual nature as both mortal and immortal, as a demigod. Named after the knot with which Heracles secured the Nemean lion’s pelt conventionally, this symbol carries a rich legacy of heroism and strength. These stunning earrings capture this timeless significance while offering extra safety with their clips and pins. Wear these earrings to make a bold statement, honoring the hero within you, and embrace the enduring power of Heracles’ legacy. With our 18k Gold Hercules Knot Earrings, you not only adorn yourself with elegance but also with a symbol of extraordinary strength and achievement.


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Weight 16,50 g



Without stones




18k Gold (750)




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