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Gold Hercules Knot Ring

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We are introducing our stunning 18k Gold Hercules Knot Ring. A symbol steeped in ancient Greek tradition and significance. The Hercules Knot, often found in ancient Greek jewelry, represents the intricate intertwining of life and death. We are mirroring the profound connection that Heracles, a demigod with dual mortal and immortal attributes. Forged between the two worlds. This knot is affectionately named after the knot Heracles used to secure the Nemean lion’s pelt, a fearsome beast he had bravely conquered.

As a symbol, it carries the legacy of Heracles’ heroic feats. The 18k Gold Hercules Knot Ring serves as a reminder of his incredible strength and valor. Adorn yourself with this exquisite ring. And embrace the timeless heritage and rich symbolism of Greek mythology, woven into a piece that elegantly transcends eras.


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Weight 7,5 g

Without stones






18k Gold (750)




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