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The Story of The Caryatids in Greek Pendant Jewelry

Have you noticed the female sculpture-like form associated with various Greek culture’s various artistic formations? Known as Caryatid, a sculpted female figure has primarily been seen as architectural support in a column or pillar palace. While its purpose in architecture is mainly decorative, it also holds a meaningful association with the culture of Ancient Greece. You can also find the same figure in the elegant pieces of Greek jewelry as a pendant at the most authentic Greek pendant jewelry store.

The jewelry inspired by ancient Greece has gained significant popularity today. Every other woman has some of these simplistically elegant pieces in their jewelry collection. Their delicately carved designs and their symbolism make them more valuable. You can pair them with any of your outfits and level up your styling game with Greek jewelry. Their versatility is another feature that made them a go-to choice for many stylists. When you start your exploration journey for Greek jewelry, you also get closer to understanding a long-standing culture of Ancient Greece that has maintained its importance till today through its magnificent architecture, inspiring culture, and beautiful ornaments.

Most of the Greek jewelry motifs and designs you will see have cultural or mythological associations with them. In this blog, we will discuss the significance of Caryatid, also found in Greek pendant jewelry.

What is the significance of Caryatids?

Caryatids are sculpted female figures which were used in gates, facades, cornices, roofs, and so on. In the ancient architectural art of the Ionic order, the columns were often replaced by the representation of a lustrous female form. Whereas in the Doric order, they preferred a man’s sculpted form called Atlas or Telamon.

The Caryatids have their hand free while the representations show the weight elegantly resting on their head to support the structure. The classic image of Caryatids is of a form dressed in simple yet flattering veils and sleeves. The delicately sculpted structure of Caryatids has straight and sloping trunks, her legs are either both closed or either of them slightly forward, and the hands are to the sides and down, sometimes holding a tribute in one hand. Earlier, the Caryatids were painted with different colors, but they fainted over time.

The other meaningful pieces of the Greek pendant jewelry

Among the most notable Greek jewelry designs is the key pattern or the Meandros, which is a continuous pattern with interconnected geometrical lines. There is the ancient coin too, which is also popular among those who love Greek jewelry. You can find many meaningful formations in Greek jewelry that should be worn with respect to the culture and its beliefs.

You can also expect to find various Greek jewelry pieces inspired by nature and wildlife, including snake-style jewelry, or the Minoan honey bee. There are many Greek jewelry pieces, inspired by Alexander the Great. The jewelry inspired by the ancient Greek culture is not associated with any religious practices, so it can be worn by anyone who appreciates the significance this type of jewelry holds. You should visit an online Greek jewelry store to get your favorite Greek jewelry pieces today.


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