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What Is the Significance of Alexander the Great Jewelry?

Alexander the Great jewelry is among the most loved pieces of Greek jewelry. You can find pendants, earrings, coin rings, bracelets, and other such jewelry pieces with motifs inspired by Alexander the Great. The common conception is that Greek jewelry has designs and motifs inspired by nature, natural elements, Greek mythology, or Greek gods. While Alexander the Great is not a Greek god, neither he’s a character in Greek mythology, then why a whole range of Greek jewelry is inspired by him? Even though Alexander the Great does not hold any religious or mythological significance in Greek literature, he is no less than a legend in world history.

Alexander the Great (Alexander III of Macedon (356BC-323BC)) had conquered most of the known lands to ancient civilizations by age 33. Alexander was one of the greatest minds in history and was tutored by Aristotle himself. He was known for his excellence in thought, strategic brilliance, and magnetic charisma. His conquests can be considered the foundation for globalization in world history. The expansion of Greek ideas, culture, science, arts, commerce, and currency is indebted to the excellence of Alexander the Great and his achievements all over the world.

The expansion of Greek civilization with the achievements of Alexander the Great

After Alexander the Great conquered the Persian empire in 331 B.C., his domain began to expand from Greece to Asia Minor, Egypt, the Near East, and India. The exposure to distant cultures and civilizations resulted in the spread of Greek ideas, cultures, and styles to the known world and exposed Greek art and artists to new and exotic influences. The innovations in traditional Greek jewelry over time can be traced back to the time of Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great.

Conquering Persian Empire brought exponential quantities of gold from the treasures of Babylon. The fast-expanding empire and creation of an affluent society demanded luxurious objects specially made of gold. This demand was fulfilled by the gold seized from Babylon. It explains the significant amount of use of gold in Greek jewelry. The availability of abundant resources coupled with the craftsmanship of people in Greece exploded the market with fashionable gold jewelry.

The type of Alexander the Great jewelry you can buy today

There are two significant types of Alexander the great coins that are found in Greek jewelry. The first one is associated with coins issued during alexander’s lifetime with motifs of gods depicting Hercules or Athena. It is said that Alexander did not want to provoke the gods by depicting his image on the coins. The other type of motif is inspired by the coins issued immediately after the death of Alexander the Great. These coins were issued by his successor king Lysimachus of Macedon depicting Alexander the great himself. They are considered one of the most beautiful coin portraiture seen in universal coinage.

Final Words

Alexander the Great jewelry is one of the finest examples of Greek craftsmanship and artistic capabilities. You can get some pieces for yourself, and pair them with your outfits to give them the desired look while maintaining uniqueness.


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